Step 1: Client enters the cryosauna

After entering the cryosauna, a cold breeze of nitrogen and air mixture activates thermo-receptors in the skin. These start to send electrical impulses to the brain. The central nervous system identifies a state of threat. This activates a complex adaptive reaction focused on defending the body to survive in an extremely cold environment.

Step 2: Vasoconstriction

The central nervous system sends signals to the muscles and vascular system, invoking contraction of muscles and narrowing of the blood vessels. This accelerates the flow of blood, nutrition and other resources from peripheral body parts to the body’s core.

Step 3: Detoxification and blood enrichment

In order to swiftly supply enough nutrition substances to core organs, body starts hyper production to enrich blood with erythrocytes, oxygen, collagen and other essential substances. Metabolites and toxins are quickly degraded and eliminated.

Step 4: Vasodilatation

After leaving the cryosauna, thermoreceptors recognize the return to normal environment, which triggers vasodilatation and the return of enriched blood to peripheral body parts. Nutritional substances transferred by blood are absorbed by peripheral systems- muscles, tissues, joints and skin.